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Business needs like-minded people to come together to brainstorm the next big idea or the next innovation. Business is not just a one track mind to success or the finish line, it is a constantly evolving, constantly adapting force that drives society forward.

To get the most out of the business community and to get input from all walks of life, I’m inviting you to contribute to the site and help make Bozzle one of the best, all round advice blogs in the blogosphere.

You don’t have to be a previously published writer and you don’t need a fancy degree in writing. All I want is a little natural flair with words. With regards to your professional resume, it’s near impossible to validate anything on the internet, so I’m relying on your honesty about how much experience you have.

Please only give genuinely helpful and insightful advice, people come here for help and they shouldn’t have to be wary that the advice they’re getting will be detrimental to their quality of life.

So make it good, make it useful, make the headline snappy and make the content search engine optimised.

Other than that, just make sure it’s more than 500 words, with great spelling and grammar. It’s a massive point in your favour if you’ve got a royalty free images to use too (these can be provided if not.)

Read through other blogs on the site and get a feel for the kind of content we publish, then come up with an original and unique idea that hasn’t been published anywhere else before.

Then just send us a message and we can get started publishing your piece!




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