3 Tips for Becoming a Great Hedge Fund Manager

3 Tips for Becoming a Great Hedge Fund Manager

The idea of becoming a hedge fund manager often conjures up ideas of grandeur like raking in tons of money while living in your mansion in one of the most exclusive areas of the country. And while this can be the case, it takes a talented and successful hedge fund manager to get to this point. So to help aspiring hedge fund managers or those looking to try out this area of finance, here are three tips for becoming a great hedge fund manager.

What it Takes to Succeed

Finding success as a hedge fund manager takes more than just the will to succeed and make money. In fact, according to Andy Sharman of the Independent, it’s really not easy to become a hedge fund manager in general or one of the top managers specifically.

To become a top-tier player in this outrageously competitive field, someone has to have the brains, dedication, and passion to know how to rise above the rest. Without the knowledge of how to have better performance, the desire to spend the necessary time reaching your goals, and a love for the work, your hopes of becoming a great hedge fund manager could be dashed.  

Gaining the RIght Knowledge

In order to know how to maneuver around this complex and interesting financial career, you have to get the necessary education before attempting to jump in. But while many of the top hedge fund managers in today’s world have graduated with degrees from Ivy League schools before entering the workforce, Julia La Roche of Business Insider shares that just because you didn’t get this type of education doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful hedge fund manager career. As long as you’ve been taught by those who know the financial industry or went to a school with a strong financial program, you can get just as good of a foundation as anyone else.

Network Like A Boss

Even though having a strong educational base is very important for becoming a great hedge fund manager, Susan Adams, a contributor to Forbes, suggests that when it comes to actually landing a job, it’s really more about who you know than what you know. However, this can be challenging for those interested in hedge fund management because of the personality type that is usually drawn to this type of career.

However, Adam states that if you want to get your dream job as a hedge fund manager, generally a lot of aggressive networking must take place, causing a lot to move outside their comfort zone. But by leveraging your contacts, especially those you may have made while getting your education, you could obtain your dream position a lot soon that you might have on your own.

If your dream career really is to be a well known and well respected hedge fund manager, that goal is definitely within your grasp. By taking the tips mentioned above to heart, you may see this dream becoming a reality in just a few short years.

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