3 Tips for Improving Your Business’ Image

3 Tips for Improving Your Business’ Image

In the world of business, image is everything. Your personal image, business image, online image, and more, all come together to create the company. The image you portray could feasibly make or break your company. By taking time to analyze each aspect of the company and professional you are exhibiting, you can help increase your revenue and build a better business.

Personal Image

What do you think about when you first meet someone? Do you notice their untucked shirt? Messy hair? Or is it a firm handshake and eye contact? Both how you look and act around your potential clients can work wonders for your business.

The first thing to consider is your physical appearance. Do you dress not only for the job you have, but for the one you want? Are your clothes clean and pressed? Do you look well kept? Appearing unhygienic or messy can give clients a general impression that you are lazy or uninvested in the business, which will not speak well.

Secondly, how do you interact with people? Some businesses that exist primarily online will have less human interaction than others, but you still may have to meet with investors. Be sure you meet each individual’s eyes and give a firm handshake. Speak clearly and do not hang your head or avert your eyes during conversation. This will give them the impression that you are disinterested or find them unimportant.

Business Image

The next thing to consider is the physical impression potential clients get about your business. Is the carpet stained and shabby? In need of a paint job? Is there garbage in the parking lot? Being lax about the building you lease to meet clients can do irreparable damage to your professional relationships.

Build or lease a building that is modern-looking, and clean, as well as being inviting to clients. Be sure that all landscaping and maintenance is performed regularly and do not allow the business to fall into disrepair. If your business has a parking lot, ensure that cars and other vehicles can comfortably park there, so that those visiting you do not have a hard time. Speak to tarmac contractors yorkshire (or whichever your business location) and have the lot revamped when needed. Keep the building at a comfortable temperature and offer small amenities to clients (e.g. coffee, tea). This will give your clients the impression that you are successful, ambitious and hardworking.

Online Image

With a great deal more business being done online, it makes sense that your online image is crucial to your success. Hiring a PR manager to keep your business’ image cleaned up and keeping clients happy is important for potential clients googling your name. Finding customer complaints, poor reviews and more online could be a dealbreaker for much of your potential business.

Be sure that you have a professional to deal with any disgruntled or upset previous customers and have their responses be available in the public forum. Even if there are negative comments that you can’t remove, having your company’s professional response will speak well to your business image.

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