5 Certifications that Help Your Business Acumen

5 Certifications that Help Your Business Acumen

It can be tough in the business world to remain competitive. That’s why having something to show for your efforts, like a certification, can help your overall business projects succeed. Even if your certifications don’t deal directly with what your company is, when people see that you put in the effort to do specific things, they can take you more seriously as a business person.

So, five certifications in particular that can help your business acumen to thrive include getting your CPA, getting an RN certification, getting a project management certification of some sort, achieving your Associate’s degree, and even doing something like getting your CPR training.


Specifically when it comes to the business industries, passing a CPA exam is a huge deal. It indicates to the rest of the business world at large that you are serious about business finances, enough that you have gone through a fairly rigorous course, and then come out ahead with comparison to other people. This is not something to be taken lightly. It does cost some money and time and energy to get through, so if you’re going to work toward it, plan on really putting some effort into it.

The RN

If you’re dealing with the medical field at all, then there are definite business benefits to getting your registered nurse certification. It opens up a ton of opportunities with respect to not only what you can do as a professional, but whom you can relate to as well. Getting your RN is another one of those highly qualified processes that you can go through to essentially join a club of more motivated and successful people within the healthcare industry.

Project Management

Another huge certification that you can get that will help in a ton of different business fields is if you choose to get your project management certification. There are different types of these certifications, and they are accepted at different levels of business professionalism, but really anything that you put towards them will show that you have the desire to move up with respect to your business goals.

CPR Training

Though it seems totally out in left field, doing things like getting your CPR certificate shows that you have a greater care about humanity around you as well. In the event of an emergency, you should be more collected than other people if you have gone through the certification process that deals with basic emergency management in health-related situations. Accredited trainers like c2c offers cpr training courses in Ottawa and other major cities so finding a suitable course should not be a problem. If that isn’t enough to convince you then perhaps this last point will. Many businesses hold health and safety to a high standard and will be more inclined to notice you when you have accredited CPR training.

Associate’s Degrees

An Associate’s degree is a type of certification. It doesn’t even really matter what you get it in. It showcases to the world that you are willing to take steps and spend the time on the details to get two years worth of college education. Even if your business brand or product doesn’t have anything to do with what your Associate’s degree is in, it still projects your desire for a greater education.

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