5 Low-Cost Tips for Marketing Your Small Business

5 Low-Cost Tips for Marketing Your Small Business

Growing a small business can be an enormous endeavor. You are not only having to balance new employees, growth, investors and products, but you have to find ways to market your business to more customers. Marketing a small business can be a complicated process, you likely lack the funds for huge marketing campaigns, but you need your brand and name to get out more than ever. Included here are few low-cost tips for marketing your small business.

Create Instructional Videos

For anyone launching a new business, exposure to potential clientele is key. If you are looking into business, instructional or educational careers, creating your own instructional videos can give you a step in the right direction. The internet can reach thousands of customers in only a few minutes, and with a few helpful hints, you may be able to create professional looking videos with your iPhone.

Up Your Social Media Skills

One of the best uses for that time-sucking social media, is to use it for your business. Joining Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn can expose you to countless consumers without having to pay. If you are working in an industry that benefits from image-exposure, join Instagram to promote your work.

Keep in mind, the best policy for business marketing on those sites is to provide seven informative articles and links for every one self-promotional post. This means, don’t be bombarding your followers with shameless self-promotion, you will be unfriended in an instant. Careful use of this media can enrich your consumers lives and grow a better brand loyalty.

Make Infographics

There are few things our instant-gratification society likes better than infographics. Why take the time to read a 20 page paper when you can see just the facts on a colorful background in 20 seconds? This is why you get to see beautiful display signage with infographic content informing and guiding customers in shopping centers and other public places. If you run a restaurant business, installing a digital signage menu with entertaining infographics could attract more customers. It can display more than menus, for example, the token numbers for takeaways or a glorified image of a dish. Your new restaurant digital signage could be the tool to make your business shine.

Offer a Customer Referral Program

Everybody loves to get free stuff. Offering your customers a service or reward for referring new customers can help grow your business and create loyalty in existing customers. This is a much more affordable way to gain new customers and shows that you have created a strong customer base.

Business Card Drawing

Again on the lines of customer rewards, put a fishbowl at your business for customers to drop their business cards into. Every week or month you can draw a business card out and call that person to claim their reward. If you are a restaurant you can offer a free meal and other service industries could offer free car washes, lawn trimming or house cleaning. Find your niche and offer that product to customers, the more rewards you dole out the more positive feedback you will receive.

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