5 Marketing Considerations For Construction Companies

5 Marketing Considerations For Construction Companies

Construction companies have a little bit of an extra riddle to solve when it comes to their marketing considerations. Because so much advertising is web-based and mobile-based these days, how do you get your message across on a tiny screen to people with short attention spans in a way that competes with everyone else trying to do the same thing?

Construction is a very physical, personalized business – so how do you portray that via your marketing methods? Consider the following topics, including linking to related companies, your website viability as a whole, an emphasis on insurance, recognizing the importance of face-to-face interaction, and keeping up with equipment maintenance.

Links To Related Companies

One thing to do to improve your marketing value is to link to related companies. For instance, if your company uses cranes for work, linking your services to a company that provides crane mats is something that not only is going to help you out individually as consistent services, but also will prove to your potential clients that you have connections to other businesses that will help your perform their projects more efficiently.

Website Viability

The face of your company, to all of the people who don’t visit your physical store location, is going to be your website. And even though the skills related to being a great construction company have nothing to do with website design, if you’re going to convince the internet public at large that you’re a valuable resource, then you have to take the time to create a great construction website. There are whole companies that do just that because of their experience in the field.

Emphasis On Insurance

A big part of construction is safety. If you emphasize your knowledge of typical construction site injuries, and your safety record, and your up-to-date insurance policies on everything, that is a huge marketing plus. All things being equal between you and another company, the emphasis on safety can be the difference between getting a client and not. This also means proving your safety precautions with both PPE, and safety equipment like barriers bollards and signs, which is so vital for any construction site. See here for more examples.

Face-To-Face Interactions

Whatever medium you choose to incorporate into your marketing strategy, eventually make sure that the goal is face to face interactions. There’s a lot of data out there for people to deal with, but a handshake and a smile when you actually meet is going to mean a lot to the people entrusting you with their work projects.

Equipment Maintenance

And finally, if you market the fact that you have great equipment maintenance, that will help your bottom line as well. If engines run smoothly, if exteriors are clean of mud and grease, that will show people that you’re seriously about paying attention to details.

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