Different Ways for Hotels to Go Green

Different Ways for Hotels to Go Green

These days, travelers are being more intelligent with the choices that they make, especially when it comes to accommodations. They are choosing hotels not only on the basis of price and location, but also depending on how these businesses are creating an impact on the environment. With this, the challenge is for hotels to be green without sacrificing their profits.

Have In-House Services

From laundry to catering, it will be better if the hotel will provide in-house services rather than outsource them. When the services are in-house, they can have better control of how the processes are completed and ensure that they are done without harming the environment. For instance, they can use eco-friendly hotel laundry equipment, which can save energy and water. Even when it comes to food, you will have better control if the catering services are in-house.

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Use Alternative Sources of Energy

Hotels can also benefit from taking advantage of alternative energy sources and solar panels are perhaps among the most popular. According to Green Hotelier, the use of cheaper and cleaner energy will not only benefit the environment and reduce costs but can also increase the competitiveness of hotels. This step towards sustainability can do a lot in establishing a positive brand image. If you want to install solar panels in your hotel, however, you may need to consider the advantages and necessity of doing so. This may help you make an informed decision regarding the management of funds for solar panel installation. To learn more about solar panels, you may also want to check out websites such as https://emtsolar.com/why-solar/. By incorporating such steps regarding sustainability, you may be able to create a positive brand image.

Implement a Recycling Program

Reduce, reuse, and recycle – this should be the pillars of the green strategies of a hotel. One of the most important is recycling, which can even present new income-generating opportunities while also improving efficiency. Even rain and gray water can be recycled to save on resources that are used by the hotel in its day-to-day operations.

Create a Green Team

Without a doubt, the people will be the best asset any organization can have, even a hotel. A green team must be established consisting of people who have the main responsibility of addressing the environmental impacts of the hotel and the things that can be done to achieve sustainability. They also have the responsibility of educating the employees on how they can contribute to the goal of the management. An incentive program can even be created to reward the efforts of the staff and to encourage them to participate in the green initiatives of the business.

Embrace New Practices

Learn to let go of the old and embrace the new to be green in a hotel. For instance, replace old lights with LED bulbs, which are known to be more energy-efficient. Look for appliances with Energy Star Certification. Do not use plastic cups. Instead, use cups made of glass or plastic.

Establishing a green hotel is possible with the things that have been mentioned above. Some things will require intensive capitalization. You should not see it as an unnecessary expense, but an investment that can yield significant returns in the future. After all, it’s not only the environment that will benefit from these initiatives.

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