How To Avoid Casino Bankruptcy

How To Avoid Casino Bankruptcy

We’ve all heard the horror stories everyone tells about casinos. Tales of fortunes lost and debts incurred are pretty standard fare regarding the myth of the gambling casino. With the entry of Netbet making casinos more exciting, the popularity of casinos have been the recipient of a recent boom in popularity. Coupled with our never-ending reliance on digital technology, it seems as if online gambling is here to stay. But for those puritans who prefer to gamble inside brick and mortar casinos, the dangers of losing more money than they initially planned is very real and substantially higher than when gambling online. The casino owners purposely hedge the house advantage to something more profitable to them and employ age-old tricks and methods to lead players to early bankruptcy. By simply following these easy steps, you can avoid losing your shirt at the next poker table or slot machine you buy into.

Leave Your Plastic At Home

Preparation is always key for both the amateur and professional gambler. Part of the preparation process includes knowing how much you are prepared to risk and potentially lose. A common mistake for gamblers is to bring more methods of accessing their money inside the casino, such as credit or debit cards and checks. To avoid the temptation of taking out more money than you’d care to lose, set aside a sufficient amount you want to play with in the form of physical cash. This helps you be more aware of the size of your expenditure and makes you more leery of parting with large amounts just to buy in to a second game.

Drinks And Dice Don’t Mix

Alcohol is and forever will be the social lubricant, but it’s also a slippery slope to gambling disaster. Drinking too much alcohol promotes reckless behaviour, impairs mental cognition, and leads to poor judgment overall. Waiters in some casinos are actually encouraged to ply customers with drinks indiscriminately in an attempt to loosen them up. If you find it difficult to refuse an offer of alcohol point blank, try a more subtle method of signalling your disinterest. Keep a can of soda, or better yet a bottle of water, on hand at all times. Make sure that it is easily seen and that you can raise it if in case you make eye contact with an interested waiter.

Card Games All The Way

Much of the revenue that brick and mortar casinos receive comes from slot machines and other automated gambling games. The house advantage is pretty steep when it comes to no-brainer games. The ease of playing and the nominal amount of buy-ins for slot machines usually leads to a higher number of games played per customer on average. Those pennies can pile up to a pretty high amount, given enough time. If you are in it to win, consider playing card games such as black jack and poker. Though these require a more consummate skill set, the learning curve is pretty easy to catch up on. Some tables are actually offered free of charge, with learning packages available for many first-time gamblers.

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