How to get the best deal on an engagement ring

How to get the best deal on an engagement ring

With around 40% of all wedding proposals taking place between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, it’s a busy time at the moment for both suitors and jewelry stores.

An engagement ring is such a memorable piece of jewelry that it makes sense to plan the purchase so it’s always looked upon with love and great sentimentality. Engagement rings can have heft price-tags however if financial savvy decisions aren’t made so here are some great tips on how to get the best deal on the most fantastic engagement rings for women available.

Think about finances

If you’ve proposed and haven’t bought the ring in advance as you want to shop together then it’s vital to talk about money. Setting a budget is the most important aspect; don’t be fooled by the myth that an engagement ring has to be a certain multiple of your monthly salary; buy only what you can afford and remember that there are stunning rings to suit every pocket.

Plan the purchase

With an accepted proposal and a budget set, you’re ready to start planning the selection and purchase of the ring. Try to save as much as possible before you head to the stores or look online and always take personal taste into consideration. Don’t be swayed by particular fashion; buy exactly what looks and feels right.

Take career and lifestyle into consideration. If your wife-to-be is a doctor or nurse then a raised solitaire diamond will be difficult to wear with gloves. A sporty fiancée may want a smooth band set with diamonds as an engagement ring so really think about the long life this beautiful item will have.

Think about the stone or stones to be used; diamonds aren’t the only option. Hard-wearing sapphires and rubies look stunning as do the rainbow of shades available of fancy colored diamonds; they can often be less expensive too. There are also moissanite rings which, just like diamonds, are clear, but are their own unique stone, and can be a less expensive alternative to diamonds.

Choose a stone

If you’ve decided to have a diamond; whether colorless or one from the fancy colored range available, you will need to understand the differences in quality available.

The 4C’s are the industry standards all diamonds are graded by and this means the :

  • Cut; the shape of the stone such as brilliant round or pear
  • Clarity; any blemishes in the diamond
  • Color; the purity of the gem –the more clear the better the quality for a traditional diamond
  • Carat; the weight of the diamond

Understand how to buy an engagement ring

You may decide to choose to buy a ring which is already available in a tray from the store or an online range similar to what you can find on In that case, the only remaining task would be to have it resized. If, however, you are planning to get a bespoke design created, you will need to decide on a skilled and reputable jeweller, the overall design, the stones to be included, the metal of the band and the setting the gems will sit in. Try Whiteflash for engagement rings in Houston as they have a team of creative experts on hand to guide you through the process.

Other tips to consider

Last, but certainly not least, here are a few quick tips to ensuring you get the best deal and that your purchase is protected:

  • Ask about the returns and refund policy of the store
  • Always check the grading report of diamonds in the ring
  • Add to your home contents insurance policy and contact your provider with a valuation report
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