Keeping Your Clients Engaged for Repeat Business

Keeping Your Clients Engaged for Repeat Business

Well, I’m not leading any of my readers into some sort of affiliate-link-driven recommendation or suggestion like the most seasoned internet marketers do, but I reckon we could all learn a few great lessons from the manner in which the typical successful internet marketer conducts their business.

Whatever line of business you’re in, applying some of the basic lessons of internet marketing to it can really bump up your sales and have you enjoying some repeat business, one of which lessons is that of keeping your clients engaged in one or more ways. You can do that by providing the best possible services and respectful yet friendly interactions to give them a reason to come back. Additionally, you can also technically upgrade your company, be it retail or cannabis business, by providing them features such as a POS system for transactions (click here to learn more) that can integrate online payments as well as provide complete cybersecurity while paying.

Point of Sale Interaction
When your client is going through that vital process of handing over their money to you in exchange for whatever product or service you’re selling, this is the best chance to open up communication channels with them and make them feel as if they’re getting more out of the transaction than what they really are. Firstly, show them that you’re a modernizing business by having them pay through a Pub till system (that is if you run a pub) or a similar POS system that can take orders, generate the bill, and conduct the payment, all in one interface. This can help make you create a good first impression. Next, have a conversation with them. It’s nothing deceitful, but merely an application of some of the soft skills required to make that all-important “second” first impression, if you know what I mean… It can be something as simple as telling the cashier to smile and perhaps make mention of the new Clover cash register you’ve had installed, for example, and this seemingly trivial gesture delivers the subliminal message that you’re always looking out for your customer by investing in the best equipment to help you better serve them.

Updating your payment systems is incredibly important to make sure you are servicing your customers in the best way possible. This may mean looking into a variety of services that can benefit what you need. Whether you have looked into an EFTPOS machine or seen how to connect your online business with your physical one to expand on your customer base, whatever you decide to do, you need to look at the current climate and what people are moving towards.

Capture their Contact Details

Internet marketers will tell you rather directly about the importance of establishing longer term communication channels with each of your prospects and clients and of course the clients who have already bought from you immediately become prospects again as soon as the transaction has gone through. Simply ask your clients to perhaps leave their details with you so that you can add them to your mailing list and then have updates on new products, services and special offers and promos sent to them so that they can be amongst the first to know about them. They can always unsubscribe from your mailing list later if they want to, but chances are they’ll be happy to receive updates, especially if it’s updates on special offers and promotions like reduced prices and the likes.

However, to keep your mailing list “hot,” you might sometimes have to send them updates about operational matters which vendors rarely share with their clients, if at all, and again it can be something which seems trivial to the unknowing mind, like announcing that you’ve added a Clover mini POS system to your payment processing infrastructure, to perhaps “make payments even more secure and easier,” or something along those lines.

It’s really is a matter of keeping them engaged throughout the entire process of anything which forms part of your day-to-day business operations. If you contact Merchant Account Solutions to enquire about how you can further make your customers’ shopping experience more pleasant for example, include the feedback you receive as part of your correspondence with your clients. It’s these little things which make customers feel extra special, turning them into repeat customers.

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