See The World On A Budget: Travel To Austria

See The World On A Budget: Travel To Austria

Traveling around Europe is one of the most rewarding adventures one could embark upon. Specifically, touring around Austria offers a once in a lifetime chance to learn of history and art in a hands on manner.  This experience doesn’t have to be expensive and limited solely to the more financially fortunate folks in the world. Exploring Austria can be an amazing and affordable journey for anyone who works to obtain the proper knowledge.  Here are some tips to get you started on your affordable adventure in Austria.

Austrian Rail Information

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Austria sports a very large and very functional web of trains for travel purposes.  If you know how to use them, this will be to your advantage during your visit.  If you find that using the train will be helpful and suitable for your travels, you should know how to purchase a pass to fit your particular needs.  You should know that one rail pass may sometimes be more efficient than two.  To travel on a multi-country trip, it’s easier to buy one pass to cover all the countries instead of buying multiple single country rail passes.  Also, if you have a monthly pass, it will be more cost efficient to add a day or two if your plans change than to worry about renewing the pass for another month.  Most of all, make sure you do plenty of your own research on how the rails work in Austria.  There are an array of tip webpages online available for anyone to browse.

Cheap Activities




It’s good to have a list of a few low-cost activities for you and your traveling party.  Almost everywhere you go in Austria is beautiful, so plan an evening walk.  Just being able to see the aged architecture and endless landscapes is a priceless experience for any traveller.  If you’re visiting Vienna, the Museum fur Angewandte Kunst has it’s collection of decorative arts on display for free from six to ten pm every Tuesday.  You are also free to visit the fourteenth century Augustinerkirche, and listen to their choir sing at mass on Sundays.  In a country so rich with culture and history, you will always be able to find a way to see and experience new things.

Affordable Lodging

Lodging in Europe can always bring forth an adventure.  You can choose to be brave and stay in one of the many Austrian hostels.  Really, there’s not much to fear.  They’re not really the topic of a dark horror movie.  There are also plenty of places to camp and hike in the mountains for cheaper lodging.  Overall, it’s just best to do your own research before carousing around Europe’s many beautiful countries.  Just be safe, and have fun!

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