The Dangers of Mixing Business With Pleasure

The Dangers of Mixing Business With Pleasure

The idea of mixing business with pleasure is usually a concept you hear about in the movies. It manifests itself when the devilishly handsome male protagonist in the story meets an attractive woman in the office. He may say, “I don’t mix business with pleasure, but you know in the back of his mind, and sooner than later in the plot line, the two will indeed end up mixing business with pleasure, and that’s when drama ensues and the whole world goes complicatedly awry. Now let me make myself clear. There are plenty of ways to mix business and pleasure which are completely fine and acceptable. Perhaps your company has put you on a private jet like the ones on sites like Jettly, and put you up in a nice hotel abroad for a business trip. In this case, it is a pleasurable experience this is, but add the fact that you are also at work. Now take a lady in the office who catches your eye in the hallways, pleasurable, but negative. This is where you are at risk of associating work with something emotional and it is where things can suddenly go quite pear shaped for you.

Interestingly enough, the mixing of business and pleasure is not a happenstance that only takes place in the movies. It can be a big challenge to anyone working in an environment where they’re spending a lot of time with their coworkers, especially one’s they’re attracted to to not cross lines that may or may not be defined by the company itself.

Some companies might care less if you and somebody else in the office are having a casual fling. The reality of the matter though, is that mixing business with pleasure in any regard is a move that is to be wisely avoided on your part. Here’s why:

Emotions Get in the Way

You’ve seen it in plot lines time and time again. The married man and the secretary, the attached but noncommittal singles in the office who have a passionate affair, the boss and the intern…wherever there are people and a lot of time being spent together, the opportunity is there. Relationships are made, the kindling to the fire is being fluffed, and soon the sparks will start to fly.

While some relationships in the office work out, they don’t work out when the person is married, committed, or in charge. The added emotions into the pot made getting anything business related done impossible.

You’ll always be distracted by gossip going on about you in the office. You’ll always be afraid of getting fired, or you’ll be worried about something else. When your wellbeing and ability to make money are on the line, do not mess it up by putting your own motives and emotions into the pot.

It Could Uproot Your Life

In a different vein than relationships, there is the issue of mixing business and pleasure in regards to substances like alcohol and other drugs. Your coworkers might be your friends, but you must compartmentalize your time and activities with them.

Many people who get into trouble with substances or other things because their coworkers convinced them to go out with them while on a business trip and they got drunk one night, or decided to take a wild trip down opiate lane. This kind of behavior is risky and doing it while “on the clock” is a one way ticket to unemployment.

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