Use A Pull-up Banner to Maximize ROI!

Use A Pull-up Banner to Maximize ROI!

Printed advertising is one of the oldest and most effective forms of marketing. Pull-up banners are the most challenging yet rewarding forms of printed advertising for business. Learn how to use this awesome advertising method properly and gain maximum ROI.

Add your location

Whenever using a pull-up banner, remember to add your location. UK employees are working more overtime than ever, and you need to provide them as much details about your business as possible to make sure you convert consumers as soon as you grab their attention. Make your business easy to find display it proudly on the banner. Also, make sure that the banner is placed in such a place that it garners the most attention. PVC and vinyl banners are often better because of their long life.

Direct traffic

If your business is based in a multi storied building or business complex, finding your address could be difficult. Use a sleek but well designed pull up banner to direct traffic towards your location. The better the design and color of these banners, the better impression a customer will have about your business.

Also place banners in the decompression zone, which is the placed immediately after the entrance, per an article by the Economist. This zone helps in solidifying the impression about your business. Studies show that it takes less than a tenth of a second to form an impression. Create a good one.


Want to get the maximum returns from a fabulous pull-up banner design, show it in exhibitions. The UK events industry is worth over 42.3 billion pounds according to Eventbrite, out of which 19.9 billion is gained through business conferences alone. Over 1.3 million business events are held here every year which gives you a great scope for getting your business attention at multiple places. It helps in maximizing exposure for your brand. If your business has been selected for an award, don’t forget to put it on a large display banner.

Why printed advertising works?

Digital advertisements usually do not have enough shelf life. Printed ads like pull-up banners provide you a longer lasting and more effective way to stand out in the competition. An attractive pull-up banner works much better than the forgettable digital ads. Per a study carried out in the US people who see printed ads show a greater emotional response than people who saw digital ads. People are also more likely to recall your brand after the event is over. The sheer longevity that printed advertising materials provide is enough reason for you to focus on pull-up banners.

Looking for more?

If you think that local and event advertising is not enough, try using these banners in a window. 80% consumers describe that they are ‘promotion sensitive’. If you have a large window display, utilize it to grab customers’ attention. Use this specially when you are offering a discount or running other promotions. It helps in increasing the foot traffic of your store. Did you know that offering a discount makes your customers less likely to compare your products with the competitors?

Don’t believe us, read what Linda Cahan, a display consultant said in an article published in Entrepreneur: “Each window should tell a story”. She said that if you have floor length windows, you must definitely use it to put up display banners. #–cms-28611

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