Using Small Business Wins to Build Your Brand and Visibility

Using Small Business Wins to Build Your Brand and Visibility

Don’t you celebrate when your business wins some? Not talking about your 7-figure sales targets, where you eventually hit your 15-year sales goal, or the big wins where you sign a big distribution deal with a well known company. I am talking about those little wins. The small wins that result in residual income and business expansions that result in sales and business growth. The YES you receive from a successful angel investor.

In fact, the best way to celebrate when your business wins is to do it anyway. That is, if you are building an organization, be sure to celebrate as often as you can. One of my favorite aphorisms is “Happy New Year – Be the first to celebrate each small win that building your foundation and enhances your future.” Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? It really is. And yet, most people do not take advantage of this simple, yet very effective advice.

So why not celebrate every small win? In fact, you should celebrate them as often as you can. This is not to say you should buy a lottery ticket, but be sure to give yourself credit for every little win, big or small, and build your organization and business upon these small wins. If you are trying to market your organization, be sure to celebrate when you have made a great connection with a potential client.

The next time you are up against a tough decision or have a big opportunity before you, don’t delay. Instead of sitting back and analyzing the situation, focus on the opportunity and take full advantage of the revenue and recognition that will come from your business wins. This will show future funding sources and interested parties that you are fully committed to achieving revenue and success, and that you recognize the importance of building your brand and reputation.

You can also celebrate small wins by having a party, hosting a luncheon, giving a motivational speech, hosting a dinner, and more. When you celebrate you are not only building your business with the recognition and revenue that come from the achievement, but you are also showing appreciation to all those who helped you reach your goals. This is a great way to keep in touch with past clients and celebrate their successes. You can also use these celebrations as a forum to network and share ideas with other similar organizations so that you can build a larger business and network for future success.

Figure out what your funnel is, and figure out what you are trying to accomplish with each milestone. This will help you celebrate the wins you have had along the way. Be sure not to get too caught up in the moment, and don’t get too caught up in the money being produced as you reach each milestone. The purpose of your funnel and your strategy is to find and qualify new qualified opportunities before you spend your money on advertising to those that are not profitable.

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