Virtual Visor – Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Virtual Office for Your Start-Up

Virtual Visor – Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Virtual Office for Your Start-Up


Imagine an office whose whole infrastructure is online. All of your contractors are paid out of a payroll system that automatically makes payments after invoices have been entered into the accounting system. Better yet, imagine working in an office where you can hold meetings through video-conferencing tools online.

The virtual office has made work more efficient and convenient for professionals globally. For professionals who work in London and other cities in the UK, the virtual office has reduced a lot of the inefficiencies associated with the logistics of managing an office. The benefits of the virtual office outweigh traditional offices for many reasons.

Let’s take a look at just some reasons why virtual offices are the perfect choice to get your start-up on the right track.


To rent a space in East or West London is amount handing over a fortune. In fact, London rents are considered some of the highest in the world and are steadily climbing, making leasing office space in some of the more attractive parts of town difficult. The virtual office, alternatively, provides businesses with a dedicated address and phone number in some of the more pristine locations in the city. In addition, renters can reserve meeting and conference rooms on an as-needed basis. Take a look at Servcorp Australia’s site at to see the office’s typical fit out. Hands down, the virtual office is a much cheaper option to traditional office space.

Leasing Terms 

Many leases, for one, require businesses commit to protracted contracts, some lasting as long as seven years. While you might find some offices that might throw in utilities, being stuck in the lease when you are not really sure whether you are going to remain in the area can be disadvantageous to your business plan. The virtual office lease, conversely, is more flexible in that their contracts run from month-to-month. Moreover, these contracts can be modified, so if you do need to scale up or need to move into another office style you are not penalised. 

Start-Up Costs 

The virtual office keeps start-ups costs low because in many cases you are only required to pay a first month’s rent deposit and then the first month’s rent. For those operating with little funding, you can make your money last a lot longer with a virtual office when first getting started. Furthermore, you do not have to purchase furniture or set up utilities, which can be an added expense.

Room For Growth 

The online landscape is such that it is limitless, and as your business grows, you might find that it is easier to remain in virtual space. The benefit is you can essentially expand and downsize based on your business’s needs, and this can be done as inexpensively as free. The virtual office provides your business and pocketbook with more leeway in managing a growing business practically.

The Plan’s Versatility 

The plan’s versatility is best seen in the way it can be used to build a business. Your virtual office can be used to create a brand identity online, to test new markets, and market and advertise to your target population, and develop a relationship with the public. Essentially, your virtual office is not limited by the confines of physical boundaries allowing you more freedom and creativity to work without having to incur extra expenses.

The Advantages Of Your Virtual Office 

The virtual office presents professionals and businesses with more benefits than the ones discussed. The virtual office is more forgiving in terms of setup and leasing terms. Ultimately, the virtual office can offer you more in terms of savings and applications to help your venture.

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