4 Reasons Community Involvement Is the Best Marketing Tool

4 Reasons Community Involvement Is the Best Marketing Tool

Establishing a company is a complex process. You are working to perfect your product and service, keep costs low, and build a name for yourself. Marketing your company is critical to gaining customers and building rapport in the community. Brand recognition is one of the most important elements in marketing for your company’s success; but are you aware of the best way to get your name out there?

Community involvement is being recognized as perhaps the most useful marketing tool for any business. Not only is this marketing tactic essentially free, but it offers unmatched opportunities for networking and community connections. Included here are a few reasons why community involvement is the best marketing tool for companies everywhere.

Improve Positive Image

Do you know what looks good for a company? Involved employees and managers reaching out to help in the community. Getting your employees to volunteer once a week at a soup kitchen, do a monthly park clean-up, or even just host the local high school car wash in your parking lot can work wonders for your positive community image. Larger corporations should take their “good works” to a more massive scale, including supporting large charitable organizations or getting involved in world missions. And, if they want to focus on the clientele experiences, they can create customizable customer satisfaction surveys like the ones provided by companies such as Delighted (https://delighted.com/csat) and frequently distribute it physically or through online and gather as much information possible. If the luck favors on your side, you can even publish those data and garner maximum attention to your firm.

Attract Customers

Building a loyal customer base is one of the keys to successful business management. Getting your name out, in a positive way, is perhaps the best way to start gaining those clients. Attaching your company name to a local fundraiser, or even supporting a local activist or non-profit group, will help you attract more customers. A company that is involved with the community shows dedication to the local people and economy, which is sure to be rewarded by those who vote with their dollar.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Any employer knows happy employees are productive and loyal employees. High company turnover may be a reflection of poor company culture. Companies that care about their communities are more likely to invest in their employees in the same manner, creating a desirable work environment for current and future employees. Employees will talk about their work experience within the community and they could offer positive or negative reflection on your brand.

Boost Your Bottom Line

In every company, the main focus is revenue. How successful your company is monetarily can be directly linked to their involvement with local events. A recent survey speculated that as many as 84% of consumers will choose a company with ethically produced products and community ties over a faceless conglomerate. As many as 90% of consumers will actually switch brands, even with a higher price, to support a company that aligns with their personal values.

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