Top Tips For Personal Wealth Structuring

Top Tips For Personal Wealth Structuring

From the setting up private equity funds to the procurement of yachts and luxury items, the world of personal wealth structuring is an exciting but complex business. Those who have accrued a significant amount of personal wealth are likely to have worked very hard to do so and making sure it is going to carry on growing, whilst at the same time protecting it for the future is a tricky balancing act best left to the professionals.

The Professionals

Withers worldwide are a firm of legal experts who specialise in helping wealthy families and individuals make the right choices when it comes to wealth structuring. This comes as part of a range of services that are used by some of the most wealthy people in the world. On a fundamental level wealth structuring entails the setting up and maintenance of domestic and offshore trust funds and foundations, but it doesn’t start and end there. The acquisition of investments is another element of personal wealth structuring and this take the form of stocks and shares or non-financial investments such as vintage cars, art or property. The beauty of personal wealth structuring is that in consultation with the experts you decide how and where your wealth is positioned.

Making Your Contribution

One of the great advantages of using professionals to assist in your personal wealth structuring is that they will be able to put together a package in a way that will mitigate your exposure to tax whilst still complying to the rules. So you are making your contribution but still maximising the potential of your capital.

A Service Without Borders

Another great advantage of using a company such as Withers Worldwide, is that they work globally and having offices throughout the world means that their expertise is not limited to one particular country. So for example, if as part of your personal wealth structuring plan, you would like to invest in some Italian property, but are not native to Italy, your legal team will be able to navigate Italian conveyance law and protocols from on the ground.

Using experts to help with your personal wealth structuring can open doors you never knew existed and at the same time will give you the peace of mind you require. You can rest assured that your wealth is protected, working hard and has been structured in such a way that is both fair and complies with the laws and regulations.

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