4 Tips for Designing a Professional Business Blog

4 Tips for Designing a Professional Business Blog

In business, your professional image is everything; how you introduce yourself to clients and coworkers, how you pitch ideas in meetings and even the car you drive can affect your business success. One area that too often goes without attention is the business blog. Many professionals become enamored with the idea of having a business blog, but fail to recognize what that will entail. Included here are a few tips for designing, and maintaining, a professional business blog.


Utilize White Space

On the internet, that age-old adage of “less is more” genuinely comes into play. Individuals who want to fill up their blog with business advice, information and calls to action are going to send their potential consumers running. Have you wondered why Apple products seem so clean and appealing? The trick is in utilizing white space.

When you are designing your business blog, you must determine which information is the most necessary. For example, filling a page with a block of text is not appealing to readers, and it may not be read by any of your potential customers. However, by pitching a simple statement, paired with an image or blank space, you can generate reader interest.

Use Color Carefully

Another way Apple successfully pitched their product was by creating a sleek, clean design, almost devoid of unnecessary color. When you create a blog that is streamlined to look black and white, it can appear clean and modern to your potential clients. Additionally, by only integrating color in the most necessary areas, like a call-to-action button, you can be sure customers are acting when you want them to.

Be Professional

Just as you wouldn’t make a politically incorrect joke to a client in person, you shouldn’t make it online. The things you type or upload on the internet are permanent, there will always be a record of them, and you must be mindful of your company image. Don’t give your company a bad online reputation, because it will bleed into everyday business. Make use of an online reputation management agency if necessary to ensure that you have full control of your brand’s reputation and that you are taking full advantage of it.

Update Regularly

Perhaps the most unfortunate thing you can for your business blog is to create one that you fail to update. Not taking the time to invest in your blog can lead to bored clients, or consumer who believe your business is lazy. Failing to update reflects poorly on your priorities, your interest-level and how tech-savvy your company is.

If you find that updating a company blog takes up too much time, you may find solutions elsewhere. The easiest step can be in hiring a media manager who works from home part-time and updates your blog weekly. Additionally, you could hire guest writers from the industry, who can bring their reader-base over as well as send your readers to their page. This kind of two-way traffic can be great for businesses and clients alike.

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