5 Online Marketing Tips for Drug Rehab Centers

5 Online Marketing Tips for Drug Rehab Centers

Drug rehab centers are becoming more and more common as the dangers of recreational drug use are better understood. When you or a loved one is suffering from drug addiction, most of the time the only option is checking into one of these wonderful facilities. As a result, drug, alcohol, and other addiction treatment has flourished into a $35 billion industry.

Despite the success of these companies, a very small percentage of people use their services. According to research, only 12 percent of Americans with addiction problems receive treatment for their addiction. For many, a lack of treatment is the result of a stubborn mindset, but for others, it’s simply because they don’t know about the ease of checking into a treatment center near them.

A company that does so much good for the addicted and their families, such as an alcohol detox or an IOP for substance abuse, should get the word out about their services. Digital marketing can be extremely lucrative for rehabilitation companies, but only if it goes through the correct channels. Those looking to share the good word about their business will benefit from the following marketing suggestions.

  1. Brand Your Business

Everything from your logo to the color scheme on your website should perfectly reflect your company. You’ll be one of many treatment centers in your area, so you need to make sure your site is well distinguished from the pack. Compare your logo designs to those of other businesses in the area to make sure you’re using unique designs that let you stand out.

  1. Use SEO

Employing local SEO tactics will help your company come up in search results. If you’re a drug rehab center in Colorado, for example, you’ll want to use keywords and resources that point to Colorado, as seen in this rehab website. Additionally, updating social media profiles, your website, and other online footprints to reflect the region of Colorado can boost rankings significantly.

  1. Keep It Professional

It’s easy to fall into shady marketing habits without meaning to when you’re marketing for drug rehab facilities. Keyword stuffing, deceptive marketing emails, false statistics, and other unethical marketing standards make your business look shady, ruining your reputation as a life-changing facility.

  1. Update the Website

If your website is well designed, it can lead to excellent conversions. Photo galleries with high quality imagery, client testimonials, photos and biographies, clean navigation, detailed information regarding your services and facilities, and prominent contact information help your website take on the professional look it needs to attract clientele.

  1. Include Community Outreach

Even though you’re focusing on online marketing, you can’t ignore the community. This is where your clientele comes from, and your reputation can vastly improve when you reach out to the community. Incorporate events, fundraising, sponsorship, and other networking opportunities into social media and your blog to give your organization a better name both in the community and online.

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