Book Title Ideas for Financial Sector Professionals

Book Title Ideas for Financial Sector Professionals

Working in the financial industry definitely has its perks, one being that you’re at the heart of perhaps the biggest industry in the world today where the most wealth is generated. So if you can take the time to thoroughly look up and down the “production line,” so to say, you could perhaps figure a few things out about how to gather up just a little bit of all the wealth being generated. That’s just it though — you talk to anybody working in the financial sector, no matter what job they’re specifically doing, and they’ll tell you that it’s nearly impossible to find any time to perhaps pursue anything meaningful outside of your career.


It truly is tiring working in this sector, whether you’re just a junior accountant or in fact if you’re an auditor, tax season in particular gets really busy. Tax season gets busier than usual, but just an ordinary day has you so busy that you’d not even be able to explore seriously getting into something like bonds, derivatives, etc. for yourself.

All that knowledge of the most profitable industry in the world cannot go to waste however and even the busiest of financial sector workers will get some time off, at some point or another. This could mean sacrificing your next vacation, but it’ll be a sacrifice worth making if you dedicate some of your off-time to putting all that practical knowledge to good use. So the next best thing to do, if you can’t get directly involved on a personal wealth creation level in the sector you’re working, is to perhaps write a book about it. The more specialised the topic of the book the better, but even just a general exploration of the financial industry would perhaps be good enough.

Unfortunately though, because of the great World Wide Web, the general illusion that all information is freely available has had just about anyone take advantage of channels such as having the ability to publish their own books, websites or blogs, but the information they provide isn’t half as good as what an expert actively involved in the particular field would come up with. That’s where you have to look if you want some ideas for book titles exploring the ins-and-outs of the financial sector. Start with the specific sector in which you work and get into detail about those topics people could really use some insight into — topics which really affect people in real life.

How many times have you heard the phrase “I can write an entire book about that topic?” or “…but that’s a whole other discussion for another day?” You’ve probably used it a couple of times or more yourself, so why not make good on it and actually follow-through by writing that book?

How many different ways can you expand on the topic of PPI claims, for instance? How many people want to know about where to go to file their claims, exactly how to do it, whether or not they’re eligible, etc?

Your financial sector book title should then be presented as an answer to a specific question people would have about the sector.

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