How To Sell Health And Wellness

How To Sell Health And Wellness

Teaching others to be healthy can be a rewarding career, and there are many ways to do it. Health and wellness can be for the body itself, for the mind, or for both. What you do to help people can very depending on what career path you chose.

Becoming a counselor, whether you are working in rehab to help people with addictions or you are working in another field, can be a great way to help people with their mental wellness. You could simply sell products that help people, or maybe work in a store that sells health and wellness products. Here are some more detailed ideas if you want to get into the business of health and wellness.

Be A Counselor Or Coach

It takes a good deal of schooling to become a licensed counselor, and you may even need to get an MD depending on what you want to do as a counselor. However, if you simply want to talk to people and help them you could become a life coach. With life coaching you don’t need as much schooling (check with your local government or state for specific laws in your area).

A life coach can suggest all sorts of healthy, and life, changes to their clients, but they can’t prescribe medications for any kind of mental illnesses. However, they can help people learn how to fight anger, get rid of stress, and more.

Sell Products For Health

If counseling people isn’t your thing but you still want to help people live healthier lives you could sell health and wellness products. There are plenty of companies that do direct sales in this very line, From Plexus to It Works. It’s just a matter of finding the company that you believe in, because you’ll need faith in the products you sell if you want to convince people to buy them.

Produce Healthy And Organic Foods

You could start doing your own gardening, growing organic herbs and other produce, like fruits and vegetables. People want to be healthier and having more options to do that is definitely motivational. If you don’t have the space you could open a store to sell such items and work with local organic farmers.

You could also start running an organic co-op where people can become members and you can order in organic produce from farmers and split it up between members. Consider coming up with great organic recipe ideas to share with members that go with the produce you have coming in each month. That might help make it more unique than other co-ops!

There are tons of other ways to help people get healthier, you just need to pick one that is your passion. If you like yoga you could get certified as an instructor and teach people yoga (great for the body and mind). You could become a fitness instructor, or even invent some new fitness equipment to sell and help people get more fit. The sky’s the limit!

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