Tips to Make Your Team Feel Valued

Tips to Make Your Team Feel Valued

Employee engagement, productivity and motivation can all be tied to each staff member’s sense of value and accomplishment in the workplace. In fact, an employer can even invest in a specialized employee engagement platform which will allow them to monitor the happiness of their employees in the workplace. To get the most out of your team, it is important to ensure that they feel valued and that their efforts are not only noticed, but appreciated.

Give them a healthy treat during the day

Liven up those long, tiring meetings with some delicious office fruit delivered straight to your door by Fruitful Office. Most employees have to make do with whatever junk food or vending machine snack they can grab during the day. However, such unhealthy eating zaps energy levels and leaves people feeling listless and unable to concentrate.

Fresh fruit, with its natural sugars, vitamins and minerals, is a healthy alternative. As well as providing a sustainable energy boost, fruit also wards of colds and flu, and is a nice, tasty treat for your team.

Make time for your team

All work and no play leads to a very boring workplace. If your only communication with your team is to hammer home deadlines, you lose the chance for any meaningful conversation.

Employees feel valued when they know that they are cared about on a personal level. Make an effort to know your team, and reiterate why you value their work. Don’t let people feel replaceable – let them know they are important and they are naturally motivated to do better all the time. Recognition is a fundamental motivator.

Thank people openly for their contributions, whether that’s privately via a one-on-one conversation or during a team meeting. Ensure each member of your team is acknowledged for their efforts rather than feeling taken for granted.

Offer them fresh challenges

Boredom at work often leads to people feeling overlooked and undervalued as they feel their skills might go to waste. Giving out challenging tasks can prove that you trust your team and know what they could be capable of doing. Along with this, more challenging tasks develop people professionally and help them grow in the company.

Challenges can also engage employees in their job tasks. Moreover, it could benefit your company in profits by maintaining employee engagement. So, what is employee engagement? It could be a way to motivate an employee to succeed in their career and climb up the corporate ladder. This can improve their work efficiency and productivity.

When staff feels they are being challenged appropriately and that their own goals align with the goals of their team and the company at large, they are much more likely to feel valued and have loyalty to a workplace they see as advantageous to them.

Overall, happy, valued employees make your workplace more positive, and are proven to be more creative, more innovative and more stimulated by their work. By increasing employee engagement in this way, you not only end up with a happy and valued team, but you also end up with better results.

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