Why You Never Hear about the Most Successful Traders

Why You Never Hear about the Most Successful Traders

Okay, so to offset the risk of alienating those successful traders who perhaps fall between the cracks of the analysis I’m going to be sharing in this post, I have to acknowledge the fact that there are indeed such people. They’re exceptions though – the successful traders who don’t assume the form of those which I’ll be exploring

Otherwise for the most part, the most successful of traders are those whom you never hear about, for a number of reasons.

What unsuccessful traders typically do

Granted, there are varying degrees of success when it comes to trading, so once again this is some analysis to which some discretion needs to be applied. But yeah, in order to understand why you never really hear about the most successful traders you would be better off understanding what unsuccessful traders typically do.

Technically, trading is as easy as opening up an account with an online platform of your choice, but making a success out of it is a whole different story. So many traders fall by the wayside and only have a story of a distinct lack of success to report back, but they never do. Instead, what they do is perhaps document some of the isolated instances of little “sub-successes” they sometimes have and package that up as some training material which they seek to sell.

Some of these traders don’t realise any success at all and yet they proceed to try and make some money via the referrals most online trading platforms have, if not via the training material they put together and try to sell. It gets even worse at times, with some traders effectively breaking a common securities law by soliciting investors whose money they want to trade with and they charge commission for that.

Successful traders TRADE

On the other hand, what successful traders typically do is exactly that – they TRADE, so they see no reason to try and rope in other traders to sign up to the CFD trading platforms they use as a means through which to earn referral commissions and they certainly don’t see the need to offer some kind of coaching, trading “mastermind” programmes or any other kind of training. They make money with their trades and that’s why you never hear about them.

At the end of the day it all just makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Many people who have signed up to some or other trading class will attest to this if they’re honest, that being that these trading courses offered by so-called successful traders really don’t work.

If you want to make a success out of trading, you have to be the one to do the hard work of learning the markets and you have to be the one to sign up to a trading platform through which you will be picking out your positions. Think about it – if you uncovered a trading strategy with which you make some really good money, would you risk having that discovered goldmine saturated by thousands of people from all over the world all copying your strategy, albeit they would have paid for it? Probably not!



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